The Visible Library

Weaving the best of libraries, data and the web together

Library relevance on the Web begins with visibility. Linked Data and Bibframe will play a key role in the Web understanding libraries and reflecting what libraries have to offer.

The Linked Data vocabularies defined on this site are being shaped by Zepheira's Practical Practitioner Linked Data training series which focuses on libraries, their data, their audiences, and their local needs. The vocabularies shared here are evolving in collaboration with hundreds of practitioners participating in this training. These vocabularies along with supporting open source MARC to Bibframe transformation software are available to everyone.

In addition to this collaboration, the development of these vocabularies have benefited from Zepheira's professional services work and specific contributions from the National Library of Medicine, University of California, Davis and George Washington University. The objective of this work is to develop a set of modular, widely shareable Bibframe vocabularies that could be extended for greater granularity with existing descriptive schema.